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K-blockchain started at the end of 2017 with the objective of offering practical and easy-to-implement solutions based on blockchain, which allow organizations to enjoy the benefits of disruptive technology without limitations.

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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is basically a chain of blocks, with which the information of any type of digital operation between people from all over the world can be registered, preserved and protected, without the need for intermediaries, in a decentralized, transparent and immutable way.


The data in Blockchain is characterized by being immutable since the information is decentralized in different points of the network.

Without intermediaries

The exchange of assets between two parties is possible without the supervision and verification of third parties, reducing costs and time.


Data under Blockchain is globally available, verifiable, and transmitted in real time.


Each transaction is immutable, cannot be deleted or modified, building trust.


Each transaction is immutable, cannot be deleted or modified, building trust.


Offer consumers guarantees about the origin of production and distribution, in accordance with the required quality standards.


Blockchain provides greater security, speed, and efficiency. This reduces expenses and costs by requiring less monitoring and control.

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Klean: una plataforma Blockchain de impacto para la logística 4.0

Se trata de Klean, una herramienta que permite crear una huella digital que se va actualizando cada vez que se interactúa de alguna forma con el producto en su camino hacia el consumidor fina

Klean, solución seleccionada de la región Sierra en el Agroinventa 2021

Klean permite garantizar y verificar el buen manejo de los productos y procesos. Es una herramienta dinámica diseñada para garantizar la calidad de todos los procesos.

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