Do you spend too much time validating and signing documents?

K-vault is the technological tool that eliminates the trusted third party and allows you to securely certify, safeguard and manage all your information, while optimizing time and money.

How does K-vault work ?

K-vault allows you to define the roles of those involved in issuing and receiving documents, which will always be available and verifiable in real time and from any device.

How K-vault can benefit your results?
Who can benefit from using K-vault?

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Institutes and Universities

Massive consume


In education

Allows you to verify the authenticity of documents such as titles, certificates, diplomas, etc.

In the Financial Sector

It allows to verify the authenticity and speeds up the processes of CDT documents, invoices, promissory notes, sales notes, etc.

In the Business Field

Provide transparency and safeguard the information that your company generates about your negotiations.

Frequent questions

Identifies pending and completed tasks, optimizing the control of activities, reduces costs with the repetition of tasks inherent to the preparation of documents.

With K-vault you can instantly verify the location of a document, who created it and when it was modified, thus detecting any attempt to manipulate or alter it.

Yes. This is possible to automate processes through the loading of business rules, the same ones that can be automated through integrations between several systems of one or several participants. In this way, the information is shared and is available in real time to all those involved in the process.
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