Tokenize, diversify and generate higher revenue with Koin

Koin is a non-traditional financial tool that allows you to tokenize any tangible and intangible asset for exchange in a safe and reliable way.

How Does Koin work?

Koin streamlines your commercial operations by issuing tokens, which are backed by an asset (real estate, digital assets), allowing their division for use in private markets.

How Koin can benefit your results?
How Koin can benefit your results?
What companies can access the benefits of Koin?

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Massive consume



Koin allows companies to strengthen relationships with their customers in a variety of ways, such as: gift cards, points, and rewards programs.

Tokenize Real State

When tokenizing the asset, the asset is divided into digital shares and the main benefit obtained with tokenization is the liquidity of the investment. 

Frequently asqued questions

No, Koin is a technological tool that allows you to safely transact goods and services between private parties.

It is not, however it has the same
technology that supports cryptocurrency, the

A digital representation of a tangible or intangible asset on a blockchain.

Tokenizing is digitizing an asset so that the token captures and represents the value of that asset, allowing it to be easily exchanged.
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