Are you looking to project confidence, quality and transparency in your products?

Klean facilitates the traceability of your products, raw materials, suppliers and other relevant elements, allowing you to transmit to your consumers all the transparency and reliability that they demand.

How Does Klean work?

Enter the information of your processes, allowing your clients to track through unalterable records the actions or processes through which all your products, services and documents pass.

How does Klean help you better connect with your customers?
Who can benefit from using Klean?

Klean adapts to any company that requires transformation from traceability as part of its commitment to transparency and social responsibility: agro-industries, logistics, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, retail, among others.

Klean and its benefits for the industry


It is possible to have information on the trajectory of the products from their origin, which benefits the corresponding industries and entities to control and monitor the processes while the concept of fair trade grows.

Aquaculture and Fishing

As sustainability, animal welfare and food quality are increasingly important to consumers, Klean offers traceability in a way that sets you apart from the competition.


With Klean you will be able to benefit from data integrity in the pharmaceutical industry and, at the same time, monitor the process of tracking data usage, thus avoiding falsifications.

Frequent questions

Klean is secure because it has a blockchain, since once a block of information has been added to the database, it is immutable.

With Klean we offer you a dynamic tool within reach of your budget and specially designed to guarantee the quality of your processes.

With Klean, consumers access key information about each process a product goes through, allowing it to be tracked from start to finish, using a QR code.

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